• What happened to Lexmark Invoice Capture Service?

    Kofax improves invoice capture service for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central customers. Together with the delivered enhancements is a name change: ReadSoft Online for Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central. Powered by the ReadSoft Online engine and continuous enhancements by Kofax and Microsoft, you can count on industry-leading invoice extraction services to be available now and in the future. All of the great features that you currently enjoy remain - only the name has changed.


Changing payment details

  • How do I change my billing details?

    Log into the ReadSoft Online store, click your user name in the main menu to view your profile, and click Payment method. Use the view that appears to change your payment method.

Payment receipt

  • How can I get a payment receipt?

    A receipt of payment is automatically sent to your email address when payment is drafted from your credit card or PayPal account. You can also log into the ReadSoft Online store, click your user name in the main menu to view your profile, and click Invoices to see your payment history.

  • When do I get billed for my usage period?

    Payment is drafted from your credit card or PayPal account at the beginning of the usage period.

Order and Delivery

  • How is my service delivered to me?

    The service is provided online in the cloud, so all you need is your login information to get started. Your login info is sent to your email immediately after your order is fulfilled.

  • How long does it take before I can use the product?

    You can use the service as soon as you get the account information from ReadSoft Online.

  • Do I get a confirmation of my order?

    Yes, you get an email confirming the order and login credentials. You can also see the confirmation of the service by logging into the ReadSoft Online store, clicking your user name in the main menu to view your profile, and clicking My plan.

Store account

Creating an account

Managing a plan

  • How do I change my plan?

    Log into the ReadSoft Online store with an existing account, click your user name in the main menu to view your profile, go to My plan and click Change my plan. Select the new plan that you want to upgrade to. By checking out a new plan, you are replacing your current one.

  • How do I cancel my plan?

    Log into the ReadSoft Online store with an existing account, click your user name in the main menu to view your profile, go to My plan and click Cancel my plan. If you cancel your plan, you will still be able to use ReadSoft Online for the remainder of the usage period.

  • How long does it take for changes to my plan to be applied?

    All changes to your plan are applied directly.

  • What is my current usage this period?

    You can view information about current usage by logging into ReadSoft Online Admin Center as an administrator. Usage for the current period is shown on the landing page. Historic usage is available by navigating to the Explore > Document volumes report view.

  • What happens after my trial period ends?

    Your account in the store remains active; however, you must sign up for a subscription to continue using ReadSoft Online.

  • Can I extend the trial period for demonstration puposes?

    The trial period cannot be extended, however, if you are a ReadSoft Online partner, you can request a demo account, which lasts up to one year, or 500 invoices, whichever comes first. Other than time and volume limitations, demo accounts include all the features of premium accounts. When a demo license expires, you are welcome to request a renewal by ordering a new demo service plan in the store. Note that applications for demo accounts must be manually approved.


  • How do I change or reset my password?

    Click your user name in the main menu to view your profile and click Change password. Use the page that appears to change your password.

  • I forgot my password to the account website.

    Click Forgot your password on the login page and use the page that appears to recover your password. You will receive an email that email contains a link to recover your password. If the link returns you to the store web page, it is because the password recovery link has expired, and you must try again.


  • How do I login to the service?

    After you create your account, you receive an email with instructions on how to log into ReadSoft Online.

    If you lose your password, simply click Forgot password on the log-in view and type your user name in the dialog that appears. An email is automatically sent to the email address associated with your account. The email contains a link to a page where you can reset your password. Note that the link is only valid for 3 days. If you do not use the link before it expires, you can click Forgot password to obtain a new link. The password is not reset until you use the link and manually reset it yourself. So if you happen to remember your password after you receive the email, you can still use your password to log in.

    You have five chances to enter the correct password when logging in. If you enter the wrong password more than five times, your account is locked and your password must be reset by an administrator.

Change details


Security & Integrity

  • How do you handle my financial and personal information?

    Private data (account information such as email, company names and billing addresses) is securely stored in the database and password protected. Payment details, such as credit card numbers, are handled by the payment provider, Braintree. Braintree stores payment information safely and securely in order to facilitate reoccurring subscription payments.

    Payment authorizations made through the ReadSoft Online store are in compliance with 3DS 2 and PSD2 Strong Consumer Authentication (SCA) requirements.

  • Will Kofax use my contact information?

    Kofax will use the contact information you provided in the event that the service is malfunctioning or you request help/support. Kofax will not re-sell or distribute this information to any third party.



  • What features are available for me? How can I enable all features that I want?

    Depending on the plan you select, different features are available such as line-item capture. You can upgrade your plan at anytime by logging into the ReadSoft Online store, clicking your user name in the main menu to view your profile, clicking My plan and clicking Change my plan.

  • How do I scan invoices for email input?

    The default setting for emailing scanned invoice files is one invoice per attachment file. If you have many invoices, you must separate them into one attachment file per invoice. Alternatively, you can login to ReadSoft Online Admin Center and create additional email inboxes that handles attachments in other ways.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central


  • How do I configure my Dynamics system?

    See the instructions here.

  • How can I verify the captured data of my invoices?

    To enable Verify in ReadSoft Online Admin Center, navigate to the Process control settings (Account > Services ) and by set Data verification to On field error or Always and click Save. Note that you will also need to create users with access to Verify (also known as ReadSoft Online Office). This is done in by navigating to Account > Users. Click Add and create a user with the the Role setting set to User. In Dynamics, in the Incoming Documents view, you will notice that the OCR status for the invoice will change to Awaiting Verification. If you click the status link, the document opens in ReadSoft Online Office, so you can verify the correctness of the captured information before it is sent to Dynamics NAV.

  • Will the OCR service be available for other countries than the ones in the country list?

    Kofax follows Microsoft’s lead when it comes to native country support – with the list of countries having been provided by them to us.  We will review your request with Microsoft to determine possible support for the future and would encourage you to speak with Microsoft about your need.  In addition, if you provide additional background on customers and business opportunities associated with this support – by contacting us – we will also review it with Microsoft on your behalf.